HIP 2.0: Unveiling Our Scientific Plan to Decode and Model the Immune System

At the Human Immunome Project, 2023 has been a year of great transition and progress. In May, we welcomed new leadership with Hans Keirstead, PhD assuming the role of Chief Executive Officer. We engaged in a strategic planning process and refined our vision and mission. Together with leading immunologists, we developed an actionable scientific plan to generate immunological data at a scale not previously seen and build the first-ever AI models of the immune system with the aim to transform the future of global health.

This is HIP 2.0.

Our five-year strategy is designed to generate the world’s largest immunological dataset at a population level and to reflect the diversity of humanity and immune responses. We are employing a phased approach to collect the data, beginning with seven Pioneering Sites spread across the globe before scaling to 70-100 locations worldwide. The result will be the first AI models of the immune system, which enable scientists and health professionals to predict immune responses and individual health trajectories and offer personalized solutions to disease and common health challenges.

In the following five years, HIP will progress to building causal and mechanistic models of the immune system that will allow not only prediction but will provide quantitative, mechanistic information on how the immune system operates, transforming our ability to harness immunity to improve health and combat disease worldwide.

Alongside the scientific plan, we’re also introducing a new brand and website. Our new identity seeks to better reflect the complexity of the human immune system, the promise of AI models that can deepen our understanding of immunity, and the unique role that the Human Immunome Project plays in bringing the world together to achieve our transformative mission.

We invite you to explore our website and scientific plan and connect with us if you’re interested in partnering or supporting our work. Decoding and modeling the immune system is a global effort and we are dedicated to building a diverse, global network united behind the goal to improve health for all.

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