The work of the Human Immunome Project is spearheaded by our global network of staff and consultants and supported by members of our Board of Directors and Scientific and Medical Leadership Committee. Together with our partners and supporters, we are championing the mission of HIP and overseeing a global consortium to generate diverse immunological data at scale and build publicly available AI models of the human immune system.

Hans Keirstead, PhD

Chief Executive Officer

Shai Shen-Orr, PhD

Co-Chief Science Officer

John Tsang, PhD

Co-Chief Science Officer

Kristen Jill Abboud

Science Writer & Editor

Bonnie Bender

Project Director, Michelson Prizes

Abhimanyu Chauhan

Policy Officer, Stichting Europe

Josephine Cox, PhD

Senior Immunology Scientist

Mark Dalphin, PhD


Olvin D’Souza, CPA

Chief Financial Officer

Pat Fast, MD, PhD

Senior Clinical Consultant

Liza Kane-Hartnett

Communications Director

Pooja Kothari

Strategic Development Consultant

Orit Lavi, PhD

Vice President of Research

Richard Scheuermann, PhD

Scientific Director of AI + Bioinformatics Core

Suzanne Toma

Development Consultant

Frans van den Boom, PhD

Executive Director, Stichting Europe

Jeroen van der Meer

Treasurer, Stichting Europe

Michelle Woehrle

Director of Operations

Jane Metcalfe, Board Chair

Founder/CEO,; Wired

Linda Avey

Founding General Partner, Humain Ventures; 23andMe

Jose-Maria Fernandez

Former Director General, Spanish Treasury

Ian Gust, AO, MD, Board Emeritus

University of Melbourne

Kenneth Holroyd, MD

Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Hans Keirstead, PhD

Human Immunome Project

Marie-Paule Kieny, PhD, Board Emeritus

Institut National de la Sante et la Recherche Medicale (INSERM)

Wayne Koff, PhD

Founder, Human Immunome Project

Neema Mgana, PhD

United Nations

Stanley Plotkin, MD, Board Emeritus

University of Pennsylvania, Vaxconsult

Rey Ramsey

CEO, Nathan Cummings Foundation, Centri Capital

Douglas Richman, MD

University of California, San Diego