The Human Immunome Project is a global nonprofit organization dedicated to decoding and modeling the immune system. Together with our network of partners, we are pioneering the next frontier in health and medicine.

Our Vision

We envision a future that harnesses the power of the immune system to improve health for all. A future where life expectancy and access to lifesaving preventative care, diagnostics, and treatment are not dependent on where you live or your socioeconomic status. A future where we can stop pandemics in their tracks and beat infectious and non-communicable diseases alike.

Our Mission

We generate diverse immunological datasets at scale and build publicly available AI models of the immune system to accelerate medical research and drug discovery, decrease healthcare costs, and improve health for all.


The Human Immunome Project is working to improve global health and the individual lives of all the world’s inhabitants. By decoding and modeling the immune system, we are:

  • Supercharging biological research and drug discovery, including the development of vaccines, diagnostics, therapeutics, and immunotherapies.
  • Decreasing healthcare costs worldwide.
  • Ushering in an era of personalized medicine.
  • Accelerating the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), specifically SDGs 3 (health and well-being), 9 (industry, innovation, and infrastructure), 10 (reduced inequalities), + 17 (partnerships for the goals).
  • Increasing health equity.
  • Protecting those most vulnerable to disease.