The Human Immunome Project (HIP) has committed to the below values both in our external work and internal culture. We continually strive to improve and reflect on our actions and approaches to learn where we can strengthen the practice of our values.

Collaboration: HIP recognizes that our mission is inherently collaborative and requires global participation and buy-in. We prioritize collaboration in our relationships with our academic, data-sharing, and financial partners, celebrate the unique contribution of all stakeholders, and encourage partnership across sectors, disciplines, and our internal operations.

Diversity: We acknowledge the legacy and continued presence of scientific bias, and are committed to building a dataset that reflects true breadth of humanity and immune responses. We are building a global network and prioritizing inclusion of all ages, ethnicities, health conditions, sexes, and socioeconomic statuses from the start of our initiative. Internally, HIP values the diversity of thought, expertise, and backgrounds. We firmly believe that diversity makes both our science and our organization stronger.

Health Equity: As a scientific initiative seeking to improve health for all, we recognize the continued inequities in global health and science and the discrimination that perpetuates them. Our scientific plan is designed to produce models that reflect humanity’s diversity and deliver breakthroughs that advance health equity.

Privacy: As an organization building the world’s largest immunological dataset, we consider participants confidentiality of the utmost importance. We appreciate our responsibility and have designed our operations to ensure informed consent, protect privacy, and secure and anonymize our data and systems.

Scientific Rigor*: The Human Immunome Project is at its core a scientific endeavor. We lead with science and facts, and employ the scientific method to ensure unbiased and well-controlled study design, methodology, analysis, interpretation, and reporting of results.

Transparency: HIP nurtures a transparent environment with our partners, donors, and study participants, as well as in our internal culture. We believe that honesty and openness across our relationships, communications, and operations breeds accountability and respect, and strengthens outcomes, bringing us closer to our ultimate goal of improving health for all.

*as defined by the National Institutes of Health (NIH).