Join our growing team and help HIP decode and model the immune system to improve health for all! All open positions are listed below.

The Human Immunome Project is proud to partner with the Aspen Leadership Group in our search for Vice President of Philanthropy.

The Human Immunome Project (HIP) seeks a Vice President for Philanthropy to work with the Chief Executive Officer and Board of Directors to maintain and grow HIP’s existing portfolio of industry and foundation donors and prospects while building a pipeline of individual major funders. As HIP puts its Scientific Strategic Plan into action, it is seeking a Vice President for Philanthropy to work closely with HIP leaders as they build the resources needed to complete a worldwide health resource that will change the paradigm of global human health.

The Human Immunome Project is a global nonprofit organization dedicated to decoding and modeling the immune system. Together with its network of partners, HIP is pioneering the next frontier in health and medicine. HIP envisions a future that harnesses the power of the immune system to improve health for all. A future where life expectancy and access to lifesaving preventative care, diagnostics, and treatment are not dependent on your race or ethnicity, where you live or your socioeconomic status. A future where pandemics can be stopped in their tracks, and we can beat infectious and non-communicable diseases alike. The human immune system is one of the most complex systems in the world—and one of its most important. It determines whether we survive infancy, which diseases we get, how we age, and how long we live. Yet its complexity has limited our ability to tap into its potential—until now. Recent advances in AI provide the tools to rapidly process the trillions of datapoints required to model the immune system, understand how it varies across individuals, and develop targeted approaches to elongating health spans and combatting disease. HIP was designed to meet this moment—to combine systems biology with the power of artificial intelligence, to decode and model the immune system to improve health for all.

“The Human Immunome Project represents our best shot at understanding how the human immune system varies person by person, throughout a lifetime, and across different populations around the world, knowledge that will lay the foundation for personalized medicine. I am energized at the prospect of making that a reality through HIP, and doing so in a way that recognizes and puts at the forefront the need of applying diversity, equity, and inclusion in our research plan and our organization. We invite applications from individuals who have an understanding and passion for our mission and appreciate the unique challenges and opportunities associated with fundraising in the health philanthropy or academic setting. Thank you for your consideration!” — Hans S. Keirstead, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer

For more information, including core competencies and qualifications, please refer to the full prospectus.