23andMe Founder Linda Avey Joins the Human Immunome Project Board of Directors

NEW YORK, November 30, 2023 – The Human Immunome Project (HIP) is pleased to announce the appointment of Linda Avey to the Board of Directors.

“Linda’s scientific expertise and entrepreneurial spirit will be of immediate benefit to the Human Immunome Project as we pursue our mission to decode and model the human immune system,” said Board Chair Jane Metcalfe. “At HIP, we are building the world’s largest immunological dataset at a population scale to power publicly available AI models that can change how we think about and practice medicine. Linda’s experience with 23andMe, Humain Ventures, and other efforts uniquely qualifies her to contribute to this groundbreaking effort.”

Avey is a pioneer in the digital health space. She is the founder of Humain Ventures, a venture capital fund investing in the AI-powered bioeconomy, and cofounder and CEO of Precisely, which uses intelligent automation to deliver lower cost healthcare with improved outcomes to patients worldwide. Avey is most well-known as the co-founder and former co-president of 23andMe, the world’s largest consumer-driven genetics research database, which connects users’ genetic data to health information.

“We are honored to have such an accomplished global innovator join our team,” said HIP CEO Hans Keirstead, PhD. “Linda’s experience is of direct relevance to both our ‘big data’ global healthcare initiative and AI modeling.”

Avey is a member of the Board of Fellows at Stanford Medical School and was the founding independent Board Director of Rock Health, a venture fund advancing digital health.

Liza Kane-Hartnett


About the Human Immunome Project (HIP)

The Human Immunome Project generates diverse immunological datasets at scale and builds publicly available AI models of the immune system to accelerate medical research and drug discovery, improve health, and decrease healthcare costs worldwide. HIP is a registered nonprofit organization.

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