Actioning the Human Immunome Project

With a scientific plan now in place, the Human Immunome Project (HIP) is gearing up to begin implementation in early 2024.

To set the stage, HIP, together with our partner CaixaResearch Institute, is hosting an “Into Action,” Conference to stress test the plan alongside global representatives from science, industry, government, and civil society, to agree to priorities, and to outline the partnerships needed to achieve our mission. At its conclusion, we will have an actionable and replicable protocol that has undergone rigorous testing and been strengthened by the inputs of diverse stakeholders. The Conference, to be held November 15-16 in Barcelona, will be the inaugural event of the CaixaResearch Institute, which recently broke ground on Spain’s first research center dedicated to immunology.

This year’s Conference builds on the Human Immunome AI Summit, held in La Jolla, California in September 2022, also sponsored by La Caixa. It was at the AI Summit that the Human Vaccines Project grew into the Human Immunome Project as global experts endorsed the mission to use AI to not only decode the immune system but to build AI models that could accelerate medical research and drug discovery and lead to improved health outcomes for all. Now, with a fully developed global study protocol, we are gathering again to bring this mission to life and align key stakeholders behind a unified roadmap. HIP’s partnership with La Caixa and now CaixaResearch Institute has proved critical to this growth and to mobilizing actors behind our mission.

The “Into Action” Conference is just a first step in building HIP’s global network and actioning our scientific plan. In the new year, we will establish our first study sites and begin to generate what will become the largest immunological dataset on a population level that the world has seen. Global engagement and network building will continue alongside data generation, and partners like CaixaResearch Institute will continue to play a crucial role in this pursuit.  

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